How to Cut Face Framing Layers At Home

How to Cut Face Framing Layers At Home :
I’ve been cutting my hair for years and this is a really easy way I cut face-framing layers without losing length. This layered haircut is great for any length of hair …medium hair, long hair, short hair! It’s even great for thin or thick hair. It’s easy and quick and you can cut the layers framing your face however long you want to.

My haircut is basically long layered, with a bunch of layers in it to add intense volume naturally. I also always keep the length and the thickness. The front layers are really easy to style…you can part it any which you want to and it adds body and volume to the hair around your face. It’s really pretty as a side part or middle part. This haircut also is a quick way to get rid of the split ends in the hair around your face.

I used to have really bad experiences at the hair salon and just never came out satisfied. So I started cutting my own hair, and found a way to get my perfect haircut at home. I never get tired of this cut, because I can style it so many ways. I also get to keep the length long. I have lots of layers and this helps my hair look really voluminous because the volume comes from the short layers on top.

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