How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers at Home

How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers at Home :
Hi Beautiful. I have been cutting my hair at home myself for years now. I love the results that I get, and I cut off how much I want to. I get better results that I have ever gotten at a salon, and I’ve saved so much money! With this haicut, I control the thickness and length of each layer. Its the easiest way I have figured out how to cut my own hair because the steps are so simple to follow! I am NO professional, but I just get better results when I cut my own hair. I have layers all over, and I love it!

Be Careful when cutting your own hair….Go slow and cut little bits at a time 🙂 I personally have had the WORST experiences while going to the salon to get my hair cut. 1 inch trim ends up being a 4 inch cut, and I don’t like it when they start to thin out my hair…after I tell them not to. I once asked for layers, and the guy cut my hair where one side of my face – the layers were shorter than the other! So I decided to cut my hair myself, and have LOVED the results!
This cut is basically long layers in long hair, with a few shorter layers on top for extra volume and lift naturally. I also have face framing layers.
Remember to cut little bits at a time, and always go slow. Its scary at first, trust me, I was so scared the first time. But I got the hang of it, and now it takes me about 20 minutes.

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